Marriage Problem Indicators Harsh Startups

Marriage Problem Indicator Counseling Austin Texas

Harsh Startups: Marriage Problem Indicator

When working with couples in marriage counseling, the most obvious marriage problem indicator is the way the couple begins the session discussing an issue. For example, the husband starts the session accusing his wife of treating him poorly and his filter toward her is negative. The wife then responds by becoming very defensive and then points out how he spends most of his time watching sports. Over the course of the session, both partners move from what he or she is doing, to communicating that the problem is “him” or “her.” (more…)

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Marriage Therapy Myths: Active Listening Solution

Marriage Therapy Myths Austin Texas

Marriage Therapy Myths Number 1

The Gottman Marital Research Institute has found that the majority of marriage counselors are offering relationship therapy that does not get to the heart of what creates long-term relationships. Gottman refers to these as marriage therapy myths. The research¬†asserts that much of what has been accepted in marriage counseling “long-hallowed beliefs” about marriage and divorce needs to be thrown out. (more…)

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