Spouses & Partners Of Sex Addicts Group

Support Group For Hurting Partners

Our spouses/partners of sex addicts support group provides a safe and confidential place for partners of sex addict to find other women that fully understand the pain of betrayal. Healing begins with sharing your pain, frustrations, anger, sadness, and fear of what the future may hold.

You will learn how to establish boundaries with your unfaithful spouse and tools for your own healthy coping. The group begins with each member checking in with an update of the past week, their emotions, and what she needs from the group. The group meeting includes one member sharing her work from Stephanie Carnes’ workbook, “Facing Heartbreak”.

In-between group sessions, group members often call or text each other for support.  You are not alone in your pain, confusion, fear, frustration, depression, or especially in the betrayal trauma.

What to Expect In Group Meetings

The group meets for 90 minutes and begin with a check-in using a form provided by the group therapist. Betrayal trauma often causes the partner to withdrawal into herself and isolate. The group check-in is way to safely connect with others that know your pain and that you are hurting. There is a time to process and share the work that group members have completed in the “Facing Heartbreak” workbook. The last 30 minutes is a time that members can work on issues with a variety of topics that are brought by group members and pertain usually to issues the group members are experiencing in their immediate lives. Our goal is that each member experiences the three “S’s”: Safety, Seen, and Soothed.

Each group session cost $50 and lasts 90-minutes. We ask that you commit to attending a minimum of 12 group sessions and afterward, you are encouraged to continue attending group sessions for as long as you need the support.

To join one of these groups, please call 512-856-6360 to inquire about vacancies in each group and to setup an individual session with the group counselor.

Open spots are limited.

Group Schedules