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To begin Sexual Addiction Recovery, the sex addict must reverse the isolation and alienation that is foundational to the addiction. Addicts must be a part of a caring community of recovering sex addicts that fully accept and understand the shame and struggles of the addiction. With the support of the community, the addict can begin a life without the addiction and find a path to healing and recovery from a life of powerlessness.

The help of the recovering group will provide the addict an integration of new beliefs and new healthier thinking. The addict will learn how to replace the mood-altering insanity with a lifestyle that begins with loving himself and receiving love from others.

Sexual Addiction Begins In Childhood

Sexual addiction often begins in childhood that makes it difficult for the sex addict to trust that others will meet his needs. Without the help of others, the sex addict will not be able to regain control because the addiction is more powerful, cunning, and baffling. ┬áThe person struggling with sexual addiction often doesn’t trust others so seeking help is especially difficult. One of the most effective paths to recovery for the addict is the Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous.

The recovery book that is used in Sexaholics Anonymous (often referred to as the “White Book”) proposes the Twelve Steps as a way for sexual addicts to come out of their double lives. These groups meet throughout the country at different locations, different times, and many of the meetings meet every day of the week.

Recovery Groups

The Twelve Step programs help the sex addict find safe men to restore the attachment that was wounded in childhood. The sex addict often experiences anxiety prior to attending his first recovery meeting but the warmth and friendliness of the other members quickly lessens the sex addicts fears. The first step of the program directs the addict to accept his addiction looking at his past cycles of addiction and its consequences. He admits that he is powerless over the sexual behavior and his life overtime became unmanageable. In admitting that he is powerless, he begins to find power in the group and in the program.

He realizes that he cannot recovery alone and that he needs the community of other recovering addicts to guide him into a life of freedom and a new joy. He starts rebuilding his life by taking responsibility for hat he has done and prepares to make amends for the damage he has done. The steps provide a path to explore spiritual issues as a way of understanding and facing his anxiety, resentments, and past damage caused by his sexual behaviors. The twelve step group encourages the sex addict to stop living his double life with all its delusion, deceptions, and pain. He begins to see himself as worthy of a better life and one that does not include secrets or hiding.

If you are struggling with sexual addiction, porn addiction, or you are in a relationship with someone that struggles with these addictive behaviors, please contact Kevin Leapley to begin changing the path of pain and injury. Kevin Leapley fully understands the damage and destruction caused by sexual addiction and he has helped hundreds of men find freedom. He has obtained specialized sexual addiction therapy training, has over 15 years of experience working with men that struggle with sexual addiction, and he has worked his own program of recovery. Don’t wait another day, call or fill out the contact form. Mr. Leapley will contact you within 24-hours to speak with you about his program of recovery.