Sexual Addiction Counseling

Sexual Addiction Counseling Austin Round Rock

Counseling for Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

At Hope Counseling Center, we believe that “Sexual addiction” (or also called “Problematic Sexual Behavior” or “Unwanted Sexual Behaviors”) is not the need for more sex but rather a desire for safe connection, but due to past relationship (usually family-of-origin) hurts, neglect, abandonment, abuse, and trauma, he/she turns to a counterfeit partner instead. Porn, escorts, affair partners, anonymous sex partners or other forms of similar behaviors have become safer “partners” than real partners.

This is why we create a safe, shame-free, accepting, and loving environment for men and women to learn healthier ways to connect. We use the term “sexual/porn addiction” only for purposes of helping men and women in their search for help. Call it whatever you choose, we simply want to help those who are hurting, alone, and so desperately want freedom.

At Hope Counseling Center, your counselor will collaboratively work with you to look at the underlying hurts and wounds of your past, learn new ways to deal with pain, and establish new experience with real connection and relationships. If sex and/or pornography is causing you and your relationship problems, we can help you find the solution.

Treatment For Problematic Sexual Behaviors

We treat the entire person, all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual with the goal of healing your mind, body and spirit. In this way, you work through all aspects of your life that have contributed to your current condition. We want you to have a deeper, longer-lasting and more complete recovery. We believe that the real solution isn’t just trying to stop the compulsive behaviors but to heal the deeper wounds that are underneath.

Your counselor will work with you to clearly define a unique recovery plan that fits your values of what is healthy sexuality for you.

Our Promise to You

At Hope Counseling Center, we fully understand the pain and destruction that this addiction causes and that healing won’t be simple or easy. Our promise to you: you will experience an environment of respect, confidentiality, acceptance, and trust in every interaction we have with you. We work with you to understand your unique situation and fully address your questions or concerns.


Are you ready to begin the journey of healing, recovery, and freedom? Call us today at 512-856-6360 to speak with a experienced and highly trained sex addiction specialist. We answer all of your questions and discuss what a sex addiction recovery program might look like for you, your partner and/or relationship.

Or, you can start by filling out the quick and easy form by clicking on the “Start Here” button at the bottom of this page. A counselor will contact you within 24-hours.

We provide Online Zoom counseling as well as in-person counseling for sex addiction.