Sex Therapy

Sexual Health: Dealing With Deeper Issues

You and your partner are in love.  Things are going fine.  But there is one major problem — the sex.  It always seems one of you wants it more, or less, or differently.  Maybe there are issues about sexual preferences or behaviors that need to brought out into the open and resolved.

Maybe you’re already pretty good at it together, but don’t connect emotionally outside the physical.  There might be fears, anxiety, or performance issues.  Or maybe one (or both) of you is having difficulty with libido or arousal, and want to learns ways of reigniting the flame.

All of these are great reasons to see a sex therapist as a couple.  A sex therapist can help you communicate about sex better, feel better about the sex you have, and make those mutually agreed upon improvements.

Sex Therapy is psychotherapy that looks directly at sexual concerns. A sex therapist is specially trained and educated to address sexual problems, beyond the average therapist. In addition, they are trained in general therapy as well, so they can help you in many aspects of your life.

Angela Ramirez-Jensen works with your most sensitive topics from a behavioral and emotional lens.

Through her experience working with couples and her own personal journey, Angela feels strongly that sexual health in a relationship is paramount to overall mental and emotional well-being. Our bodies are the living vessel that holds our spirit and connects us to ourselves, each other, and our spiritual vitality.

Sex Therapy Can Help:

Angela’s work encompasses a wide range of sexual health.  The following list are some areas that are often seen but is not exhaustive of her work:

  • Sex after significant life events like pregnancy and birth, injury, medical diagnosis
  • PTSD and historical trauma of sexual abuse and harassment
  • Persistent recurrent problems with sexual response, desire and orgasm
  • Sexual performance issues and wanting to explore the psychological components of your sexual response
  • Dry spells in relationships due to medical issues (diabetes, medication management) as well as emotional disconnect from partner
  • Sexual pain/pelvic pain/pain with intercourse
  • Concerns about fantasies and eroticism for yourself or your partner
  • Extra-martial relationships including emotional and physical affairs and infidelity, pornography, sexting, and “walking the ‘grey’ zone” of a relationship with someone else.
  • Concerns about your engagement in intimate relationships outside of your primary partnership
  • Female sex-addiction and serial monogamy
  • Sex addiction and partners of sex addicts
  • Differing sex drives, styles, and sex interests

While this list attempts to be comprehensive, it may not include everything that Angela can help with.  Angela will let you know if she can help your particular situation and if not, will refer you to someone who can.