Sexual Addiction Spiritual Emptiness

A man struggles with pornography addiction because his soul is empty and is what I call sexual addiction spiritual emptiness. Being alone scares him. Feeling empty is worse. Watching porn is a way of numbing and escaping that feeling of loneliness. It isn’t the loneliness that he fears but rather the pain of being empty. The man has a eternal hole in his sole that only God can fill and that is why porn never works to fill the emptiness.

Working on the emptiness in porn and sex addiction recovery can be the most difficult part to finding freedom. It has been described as the journey from loneliness to solitude. This requires a spiritual solution that the sexual solution never could accomplish.

Finding God In Your Porn Addiction

God creates both man and woman in His image and likeness. We are spiritual beings that are covered with fleshly tents. Recovery must include a willingness to find in God what the man was seeking in pornography. Spiritual disciplines are a way of giving God permission to fill the empty hole and fill it with Himself. Spiritual discipline moves the junk out of the way to make more space for the Spirit of God to fill us. Pray “God empty me so I can be more filled. Help me to be more present to the life you’ve given me within and to hear Your voice more clearly.”

Discipline of Meditation And Silence

When I work with men that struggle with sexual addiction or porn addiction, I encourage them to practice the discipline of meditation and silence. This discipline allows the sex addict to slow himself down, breath, and find the Presence of God. By practicing being silent, we quiet the noise inside our heads and find peace. God speaks to us quietly and softely. Learning to be silent trains us to listen for the voice of the Almighty.

Sex Addiction Distraction

Henry Nouwen wrote: “Entering a private room and shutting the door, therefore, does not mean that we immediately shut out all our inner doubts, anxieties, fears, bad memories, unresolved conflicts, angry feelings and impulsive desires. On the contrary, when we have removed our outer distractions, we often find that our inner distractions manifest themselves to us in full force. We often use the outer distractions to shield ourselves from the interior noises. This makes the discipline of solitude all the more important.”

Start Sexual Addiction Counseling

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