Sexual Addiction Counseling

Sexual Addiction Counseling Austin Round Rock

Sexual Addiction Counseling

Sexual addiction (or also called “Problematic Sexual Behavior” or PSB) is similar to other addictions in that it’s main goal is to numb, escape, and obliterate the person’s underlying pain and/or loneliness. It often begins in adolescence and continues into adulthood.

Sexual Addiction is characterized by persistent and escalating sexual thoughts and acts that have a negative impact on the individual’s life. Those with sexual addiction struggle to control or postpone sexual feelings and actions. Men and women with sexual addiction often do not know how to achieve genuine intimacy, forming no attachment to their sexual partners.

Eventually, the pursuit of sex becomes more important than family, career, and even personal health and safety. As sexual preoccupation increases in terms of energy and time, the sex addict follows a routine or ritual leading to acting out on desires which is then followed by feelings of denial then shame, despair and confusion.

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Sexual Addiction Denial

The person struggling with the compulsive sexual behavior feels shame but rationalizes, justifies, and minimizes that its not as bad as it is. He may simply say to himself that “all men do it,” “I am just more sexual than other men,” or “I’ll stop when I find the right partner or spouse.”

Sex addiction can take the shape of many forms: affairs, online pornography, compulsive masturbation, seeking out prostitutes, strip clubs, massage parlors, online chat rooms, dating websites, phone sex, exhibitionism, and so on. These behaviors are the symptoms of the real problem.

Underlying Problem of Sex Addiction

We believe that the real issue has little to do with sex and much more to do with how the person struggling doesn’t know how to get their emotional needs met in healthy ways due to past relational wounds, trauma, and pain. Sexual addiction is a counterfeit relationship. It takes the place of real relationship because real relationships have caused the sex addict past pain (abandonment, abuse, neglect, rejection, etc.).

A person who is addicted to sex is living in an imaginary, self-created world that avoids the possibility of experiencing rejection or the risk of pain that a real relationship can offer.  It is a person’s attempt to avoid the pain often caused by real intimacy.  The sex addict is essentially creating a pseudo-relationship with someone/something that can be controlled and manipulated; such as a picture, a video, or a prostitute.

Individuals who experience significant traumas in childhood (such poor parental relationships or childhood sexual abuse) may also be more prone to develop sexual compulsions in adulthood. Adults with traumatic childhood histories are also more likely to have the diminished self-esteem and self-image that is common among individuals who display addictive behaviors toward sex and relationships.

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Sex Addiction Is A Loss Of Control

Five characteristics to consider when you define sexual addiction are:

  • Having obsessive thoughts or fantasizes with sex that interferes with a normal sexual relationship with one’s spouse or partner.
  • Feeling compelled to engage in sexual behaviors or relations again and again within a short period of time.
  • A compulsion to engage in sexual behavior that leaves one feeling depressed, guilty, shame, or fear.
  • Taking time away from family, friends, or work to engage in sexual behaviors or seeking sexual highs.
  • Feeling driven to sexual behaviors as a way to hide or numb the troubles in life.


At Hope Counseling, we treat your entire person, all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual with the goal of healing your mind, body and spirit. In this way, you work through all aspects of your life that have contributed to your current condition. We want you to have a deeper, longer-lasting and more complete recovery.


Treatment for sexual addiction begins with honest sharing of your sexual history with a trained and compassionate counselor that will never judge you, never reject you, and who fully understands that you are not a bad person but a hurting person. Our therapists will help you identify your past wounds, hurts, and trauma and how to begin healing rather than escaping.

Overcoming sex addiction starts with recognizing that you are out of control sexually. Getting to that point requires taking a hard look at yourself and the problems caused by your sexual behavior. In some cases, sex addicts remain in denial until a significant life event, such as a spouse or partner leaving, job loss, or a health crisis, prompts them to seek treatment for sex addiction.

Some of the goals of a sex addiction treatment  include:

  • A commitment to abstinence from past sexual behaviors
  • Developing healthy sexuality
  • Rebuilding relationships
  • Stress management

A sexual addiction counselor will work together with the sex addict to clearly define a relapse prevention plan, which leads many to experience sexual abstinence for the first time in their lives. By the end of 30 days on this plan, people often report a sense of well being, relief from lying, leading double lives, a restored sense of dignity, and hope for a future free of sexually compulsive behaviors. We also strongly recommend Group therapy in addition to individual counseling work.

Group therapy is acknowledged as the most effective form of treatment for sex addicts. Group focuses on shame reduction, maintaining sobriety through high levels of accountability, the value of honesty, being congruent in an all areas of life, and expressing feelings. In addition, addicts become lonely, withdrawn, and isolated. Group therapy aids in creating safe healthy bonds with others who share similar issues.

Our Promise to You

Many sex addiction recovery programs make promises and provide quick fixes. Unfortunately, quick fixes don’t provide the lasting healing needed to enjoy lifelong happiness and true recovery. At Hope Counseling, we get the pain and destruction that this addiction causes and that healing won’t be simple or easy. Our promise: you will experience an environment of respect, confidentiality, acceptance, and trust in every interaction we have with you. We work with you to understand your unique situation and fully address your questions or concerns.

Counseling For Couples Experiencing Betrayal

At Hope Counseling, we understand how hurtful and traumatic sex addiction has on relationships and families. The impact is different for every relationship and every family. Partners of sex addicts are often deeply traumatized by the sex addict’s past behavior and the relationship is in question of surviving. Our marriage therapists have received specialized training for helping couples repair the injured bond that was damaged by infidelity and betrayal. Our objective is to help relationships not only find restoration but also to thrive.


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