Sexual Addiction Assessment

Sexual Addiction Assessment Austin TexasThe first step in addressing a problem is to admit that a problem exists. We often have clients that come into their first counseling appointment with questions about whether their sexual behaviors are consistent with sexual addiction. In every addiction, there is denial that a problem exists. Getting a sexual addiction assessment by a certified sexual addiction therapist is important in starting a strong recovery program.

In our assessment session, we administer a sexual addiction screening test, review past acting out sexual behaviors, discussion of family history, general physical and mental health, assessment for other addictions, family and social history along with the immediate sexual concerns. By the end of the assessment a plan is created to begin to manage and direct the most immediate sexual acting out concerns along with any other problems that might be discussed.

Your therapist is looking for four symptoms of addiction: 1) Inability to stop the behaviors and/or obsessions; 2) Tendency to feel angry, irritable, and emptiness when denied the sex or porn; 3) Secretive and feelings of shame about the sexual behaviors; and 4) Continued pursuit of the sexual behaviors and/or porn despite negative consequences.

If you are think you may have a problem with sexual addiction, take our “Sexual Addiction Questionnaire” to begin the process of assessment and then contact our center for setting up an initial counseling appointment for further evaluation regarding sexual addiction counseling.

Sex Addict Questionnaire Austin