Relationship Services

[anps_featured title=”Couples Counseling” image_u=”5075″ link=””]Couples with the happiest, most loving, relationship are those who take care of their marriage and seek out professional support to continuously make their relationship great! Our relationship counseling approach is caring, compassionate and effective.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured title=”Infidelity & Betrayal Recovery” image_u=”5362″ link=””]Through our Infidelity Recovery Service, we’ll guide you and your partner to greater trust within your relationship. We’ll teach you the skills and techniques you need to foster and re-establish trust, safety, and commitment in your relationship[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured title=”Sex Therapy” image_u=”4939″ link=””]Sexual concerns can cause of relationship problems, often leading to alienation and tension in personal relationships. Sex Therapy can help you and/or your partner resolve sexual difficulties that interfere with your relationship.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured title=”Couples Workshops” image_u=”5081″ link=””]You will learn how to understand and improve your relationship through presentations by the workshop leaders, private exercises and conversations with your partner and by watching video demonstrations of other couples.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured title=”Postpartum & Pregnancy” image_u=”5083″ link=””]If you are a new mother and you are struggling in your pregnancy or experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, Angela provides specialized counseling for women experiencing depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy.[/anps_featured]