Premarital Counseling

Wanting to Prepare for Marriage?

Congratulations – what an exciting time!

Preparing for Marriage

Most couples spend more time and money planning their weddings than preparing for their marriages. And, most marriages end in divorce! Our premarital counseling program will help you prepare for a long and satisfying marriage. Doesn’t it make sense to prepare yourselves as best you can for the most important human relationship you will ever have?

Premarital Counseling is highly recommended for couples planning to marry. Premarital education and marriage skills training are necessary for marital stability. It is beyond any doubt that the happily married couples live longer and are emotionally stable. Children from a stable family environment experience fewer social problems.

How Can Our Premarital Program Help You?

Our premarital counseling program is designed to help couples get their marriage off to a great start and motivate them to continue to develop a strong marriage. The program includes taking the PREPARE premarital inventory and receiving feedback during counseling sessions. The PREPARE/ENRICH is a program based on a set of five inventories that examine major relationship issues a couple may experience.

A strong marriage positively affects each person’s happiness, physical health and emotional well-being. A strong marriage is also the foundation of strong families and healthy communities. A vital step in building a strong marriage is to prepare for it by participating in a high quality premarital program.

We will tailor the program to fit your needs. The cost of your premarital program is an investment in your future as a happily married couple. Please contact us to inquire about fees as we have several options to choose from.

What Are The Costs Involved?

The cost for the 6 Session Premarital Program starts at $780.00. This amount includes the PREPARE premarital inventory and handout material (completed online).  If you pay for all sessions and assessment upfront, we will give one session free ($120 reduction).  Total cost would be reduced to $660.00.

This program will enable you and your partner to:

  • Explore your relationship strength and growth areas

  • Strengthen your communication skills, including assertiveness and active listening

  • Resolve your conflicts using the “Ten Steps Procedure”

  • Explore your relationship and families-of-origin issues with the “Family and Couple Map”

  • Develop a workable budget and financial plan

  • Develop your personal, couple and family goals

If the couple desires, additional sessions may be added in order to deal more deeply with a particular interest or need. Also, individual counseling may be incorporated in the process to deal with personal issues.

Marriage Investment

There is no better investment in your future than premarital counseling. Get your married life and your future family off to a positive start by learning the tools you’ll need to communicate with your partner and plan your married life together. The goal of our premarital counseling is to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face-together.

If you are wanting more information about our premarital counseling program, you can either call us at 512-856-6360 or click on the below contact button, fill out the form, and a counselor will contact you within 24-hours.