Spouses & Partners Of Sex Addicts Group

Support Group For Hurting Partners

Our partners of sexual addiction counseling groups provide a safe, confidential, and shame free environment to share your struggles with other women that fully understand what you’re going through. One of the most significant struggles as a partner is holding his secrets as you seek recovery from the wounds caused by his actions.

Group is a place to experience healing from those wounds and turn it into resiliency.

What to Expect In Group Meetings

The goal of this counseling group is to have a supportive place to become educated in research-based information about the trauma that comes with sexual betrayal in all forms. You will also come to understand the nature of sexual addiction/ compulsion. These deeper understandings allow you to view what is happening internally as reasonable and expected.  Often partners say things like “I just thought I was crazy.”

Partners Group Goals

This is a women’s only group and the only requirement is a willingness to be supportive to others who share the experience of betrayal.

The sessions are 90-minutes in length and usually begin with a psychoeducational segment and review of information taught in “Facing Heartbreak” by Dr. Stefanie Carnes.

Then each group member has the opportunity to “check in” by sharing successes and struggles they had over the week.  Group members provide feedback after each check in.

The last 15-20 minutes will preview the next week’s topic and assign any homework.

Other goals include:

  • Learning tools to reduce the emotional impact of triggers.
  • Developing a deeper sense of self-esteem in the relationship.
  • Working through the difficult emotional challenges without turning to destructive coping mechanisms.
  • Gain a deeper sense of personal values and how to hold them regardless of what your sexually acting out partner chooses.

To join one of these groups, please call Latina Griffin at 737-808-4179 to inquire about vacancies and to setup an intake session.

Open spots are limited.