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Depression & Anxiety

Feeling Depressed? Anxious?

Our counselors provide depression counseling for those suffering and desire healing.

Bummed, down, depressed, fatigued, upset, bored, low energy. Are these ways you have described yourself? All of these are words that can relate to the experience of depression. Our down moods lie along a continuum from mildly down to severely depressed.

Every year 11 million people become depressed (about 1 in 20) to the degree that we would give them a “medical diagnosis.” Most people’s down moods are not diagnosable because it is normal to have ups and downs through life.

With the many different experiences of down moods, there isn’t one way to look at them. Some of the ways people interpret these moods are: as a physical, medical, or biochemical problem; as a character weakness; as a normal part of life; as an opportunity for growth and insight.

Symptoms of depression include:

change in sleep
loss of interest/pleasure
alcohol/drug abuse

decreased concentration
decreased motivation
decreased sex drive
loss/gain of weight

low self-esteem
suicidal thoughts

If you recognize any of the symptoms of depression, you may need to seek professional help. For depression treatment, we offer care to help you discover the basis for your depression and options for care.

We’d like you to know that you are not alone. Our depression therapists are here to help you cope with the everyday ups and downs, as well as the more significant down moods. If you are one of the many individuals who suffer from depression, please call us to setup an individual session. We will get you on the right track for treatment for depression.