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Marriage Fondness & Admiration

In working with couples in a marriage counseling sessions, I often look for any signs of fondness and admiration. If there is signs, then the marriage is salvageable. In the first session, I often ask one spouse to share with me how they met and eventually married each other. Recalling this memory, the couple will often smile with positive feelings. If no smiles, then I assume the worst.

Crucial Elements of Happy Marriages

Fondness and admiration are two of the most crucial elements in a enjoyable and long-term romantic relationship. Even if the couple has been experiencing negative conflict, they still feel that the person they married is someone to be loved and treated with respect. The partners still cherish each other. If fondness and admiration are not present, then I worry that restoring the relationship borders on impossible.

Revealing Fondness & Admiration Level

Asking a couple to share their history can reveal their level of fondness and admiration. If their marriage is deeply broken, then the present situation often elicits negative feedback but sharing how they met should bring embers of positive feelings. Deeply troubled marriages may even affect the partner’s memory of the past, thereby destroying the couple’s past.

Positive Or Negative History Memories

Gottman’s research found, “94% of couples who put a positive spin on their marriage’s history and their partner’s character are likely to have a happy future as well. When happy memories are distorted, it’s a sign that the marriage needs help.”

Positive Memories Barrier To Conflicts

Possessing a positive view of your spouse and your marriage areĀ a strong defense against future marital challenges. It’s similar to having a large financial emergency fund. When times get tough, the couple falls back on resourcesĀ that they have a relationship worth fighting for. The spouses don’t turn to negative beliefs of separation and divorce each time they have conflict.

Start Marriage Counseling

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