Sexual Addiction Counselor Round Rock TexasKevin Leapley, MA, LPC, CSAT

I bring a deep sense of compassion, kindness, and laughter to my counseling sessions, as well as a mature and collaborative perceptive in helping individuals and relationships heal. I specialize in working with couples in distress and men struggling with problematic sexual behaviors (porn, infidelity, compulsive sexual behaviors, escorts, strip clubs, etc.).

My desire in becoming a counselor came out of my own individual and relationship recovery and healing work. I felt a calling to help other men and couples heal from the damage caused by sex/porn addiction, lies and deceit, and trauma from being betrayed by someone you trusted and love.

Sexual Addiction Counseling

In 2005, I received specialized training in treating sexual addiction from Dr. Patrick Carnes and obtained Certification as a Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT). I have been working with men that struggle with sex/porn addiction and with couples experiencing betrayal for over 18 years.

Clients often tell me that they feel safe with me and appreciate not only my training and knowledge but also that I too “lived the life” and fully understand what it will take to recovery and heal from this addiction.

My work with you includes determining the underlying wounds or trauma that the compulsive behavior is numbing, medicating, escaping from, and yet never seems to heal. Sexual addiction is not about needing more sex but rather it is turning to a counterfeit partner because past relationships resulted in physical or emotional abuse, rejection, neglect, and abandonment. The goal of treatment is not only to help you stop the sexual behaviors but to teach you new ways to connect and trust others to meet your real needs.

Couples Counseling

I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist. The goals of Emotionally Focused Therapy include helping each partner become more aware of the emotions driving their negative cycle. It is especially valuable for couples who want to improve their connection, fight less, and understand each other better. EFT is never about identifying one partner or spouse as “the problem,” but rather the enemy is the negative dance that pushes both further away.

I have been married for 34 years so I fully understand that successful relationships are not easy and require committed ongoing work. I bring my real life experience along with 20 years of working with couples and hours (upon hours) of relationship training. I so enjoy helping couples stop the fighting and find connection, passion, friendship, and romance again.

Couples Counseling for Betrayal/Infidelity

When there is infidelity or betrayal in the relationship, the bond suffers a major injury. Few experiences can be as painful or cut so deeply as the betrayal and trauma of infidelity. As challenging as it may seem, healing is possible.

I have received specialized training and supervision working with couples experiencing the devastating hurtful effects of infidelity and betrayal. I will work with you and your partner to focus on (1) healing the relationship injury and wounds caused by the infidelity and (2) helping to guide your relationship back to a strong bond for trust and restoration.

EMDR Trained

I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) for treating past trauma, hurts, triggers, and the reduction of urges. I have found this tool very effective to alleviate the underlying wounds that often fuel sexual addictive behaviors.

I Love & Enjoy What I Do

First, I don’t consider what I do “work” because I love and enjoy helping others connect, heal, recover, and find happiness. Yes, I still need to collect payment.  : )

Second, when we work together, the first thing I hope you experience from me is that I am 100% in your corner, always believing in the best of you and being with you when life gets painful and hard. Most everything worth achieving in life is difficult but I am here to cheer you on because you are worth it! I would love being part of your healing journey!

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas (#80083) and Colorado (#4553)
Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist (EFCT)
Certified Emotionally Focused Individual Therapist (EFIT)
Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT)

Training & Education

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Externship
EFT Core Skills Plus Advanced Training (60 Hours)
Beyond Core Skills Stages One & Two (64 Hours)
Restoring Broken Bonds: EFT and Healing Relationship Betrayals
EMDR Levels 1 & 2  Training
Masters Degree in Counseling (MA) from Denver Seminary
Masters Degree In Business Management (MBA)


Individual Session = $170
Couples Session  = $180

Online Counseling

I provide Online counseling for men struggling with sexual addiction (in Texas & Colorado) and for couples struggling in their relationship.