Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW is an attachment oriented couples and individual therapist with an integrated approach of intimacy and sexual health.  She has discovered for herself that through strengthening the bonds of love, compassion, companionship, and care our true selves are found, we are calmer, happier, more present and more fulfilled.  She wants to share these feelings of secure attachment and self acceptance with others as she firmly believes that we all have a birthright to experience happiness and security in our lives.

She earned her Masters of Social Work degree from Portland State University in 2008 where she studied psychotherapeutic skills in class, worked on campus in sexual assault and harassment support services, and bartended on the side to pay rent.  In doing this, she developed great boundaries, self care, and a community organizing spirit. She is a California native and moved to the Bay Area shortly after grad school and was issued her clinical license in May 2015. Angela moved again in early 2019 to Austin, Texas where she is settling with her partner and raising their three awesome kids.  She is married to a Philosophical Doctor of Philosophy who keeps her on her toes with his logistical mind and grounded in her heart with his openness and depth for emotional connection.

With over 15 years of experience in the mental health and wellness field, she is ever evolving in providing quality care for her clients.  Angela regularly engages in continued education and advancement in certifications in evidenced-based and holistic models of attachment oriented therapy.


Professional Affiliations:


~ International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (

~ Austin Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (

~ Southwest Sexual Health Alliance (

~ American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (

~ The Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas (

~ The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (


Ongoing Professional Training:


~ California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, Ca. Sex Therapy Certification Program

~ Texas Perinatal Mental Health and Wellness Conference

~ Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship 2017 with Drs. Paul and Nancy Aikin

~ Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills 2018 with Drs. Paul and Nancy Aikin

~ Supervised by Cay L. Crow, LPC, AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist

~ Supervised by Joe Cantu, MA MFT Certified EFT Trainer, Supervisor, and Therapist

~ Supervised by Evelyn Schmectig-Colchran, LMFT Certified EFT Supervisor and Therapist

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