Managing Emotional Stress

managing emotional stress counseling austin texas

Learning To Manage Emotional Stress

When crisis hits our lives, we often struggle in managing emotional stress and end up making the crisis worse. Learning to better manage emotions prepares you for the many life curve balls that you will face in your lifetime. The emotions that we all have difficulty managing are anger, fear, shame, and sadness. (more…)

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Empathic Attunement

emphatic attunement Counseling AustinEmphatic Attunement Theory

Trauma therapists who work with attachment-focused counseling issues need to have a strong capacity for emphatic attunement. Empathy is essential to the healing of past attachment wounds and includes nonverbal attunement with the traumatized person. Nonverbal attunement is the interactions between a parent and child and can be healing for clients that didn’t receive that in childhood. (more…)

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