Partners Of Sex Addicts Betrayal Trauma

Partners of Sex Addict Counseling AustinBetrayal Trauma = PTSD

When the Sex Addict’s betrayal comes to light through disclosure the impact can cause an attachment injury, in which the relationship represents a source of danger rather than a safe place to go for emotional support. In a relationship with betrayal, the attachment bond is broken and the offended party suffers what is often called relational trauma. (more…)

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Partners of Sex Addicts Impact Letter

Partners of Sex Addicts Impact LetterPartners of Sex Addicts Impact Letter

The goal of the Partners of Sex Addicts Impact letter is to collect and organize the impacts you have experienced as the partner of someone whose sexual behaviors have wounded you. If you plan to share this letter with your partner then the use of shaming language can foster an atmosphere that doesn’t contribute to you feeling heard and understood.  (more…)

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