Questions Finding Sex Addiction Counselor

anger management counselor round rock texasQuestions Finding Sexual Addiction Therapist

Finding a counselor who is knowledgeable about sexual addiction is critical and often counselors will label themselves as “specialists” but have never received specialized training in sex addiction.  We have heard many disappointed clients share their negative initial experiences with a therapist that had only book knowledge of sex addiction. (more…)
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Emotion Powers Relationships

Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling Austin Texas

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Couples stick together because of the bond that they make to each other. Over the life of the relationship, partners form emotional connections that organize and prioritize their lives.

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Sex Addiction: An Attachment Disorder

Sexual Addiction Attachment Disorder Round Rock CounselingSex Addiction: An Attachment Disorder

In the 15 years of working with men that struggle with sexual addictions, I have held the belief that the main issue was not about sex. Rather, I found that these men had relationship or attachment wounds from childhood and each had a disorder of regulating their emotions (feeling overwhelmed by emotions). (more…)

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Mindfulness Recovery

Mindfulness Recovery Round Rock Counseling

Mindfulness Recovery

Mindfulness is becoming a normal part of recovery, especially in sexual addiction recovery treatment centers. Many who are not familiar with mindfulness may ask the question, “What exactly is mindfulness?” One definition is the ability to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and actions in the present moment without judging or criticizing yourself or your experience. (more…)

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Defining Sexual Addiction

Defining Sexual Addiction Counseling Round Rock Texas

Defining sexual addiction

Sexual addiction, also referred to as sexual compulsion and sexual dependency can be defined as any sexual activity that feels “out of control”. The sex addict feels compelled to seek out and engage in sexual behavior, in spite of the problems it may cause in their personal, social and work lives. It may encompass any single or multiple type of sexual behavior. In the assessment and defining sexual addiction, its important to start by discussing the sexual behaviors that are out of control. (more…)

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Starting Sexual Addiction Recovery

starting sexual addiction recovery round rock texasBeginning Sexual Addiction Recovery

Most sex addicts are unwilling to admit that they are a sex addict and refuse to begin sexual addiction recovery. Just like anyone, they too like to think that they are different from other sex addicts. It is not surprising that most men that struggle with sexual addiction have histories of countless vain attempts to prove that they can stop and/or control their sexual behaviors on their own. (more…)

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Sex Addiction Spiritual Emptiness

Sex Addiction Emptiness Christian Counseling Round Rock TexasSexual Addiction Spiritual Emptiness

A man struggles with pornography addiction because his soul is empty and is what I call sexual addiction spiritual emptiness. Being alone scares him. Feeling empty is worse. Watching porn is a way of numbing and escaping that feeling of loneliness. It isn’t the loneliness that he fears but rather the pain of being empty. The man has a eternal hole in his sole that only God can fill and that is why porn never works to fill the emptiness. (more…)

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