Creating Relationship Emotional Safety


Creating Emotional Safety | Marriage Counseling

Couples that desire to have connection must learn to de-escalate marital conflict and create moments of emotional safety. To do this, both partners need to work together to restrict their negative dialogues and reduce their underlying insecurities.

Every relationship will have arguments and disagreements but they can learn how to avoid falling into anxious demands or numbing withdrawal. They both can learn how to repair splits in their marriage and create a deep loving bond. (more…)

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Keys To Strengthening Attachment Bonds

couples counseling round rock austinStrengthening Attachment Bond

The keys to strengthening an attachment bond are being accessible, responsive, and engaged (A.R.E.) to your partner. An attachment bond provides a deep feeling of safety and security. It’s felt deep down when you are with your partner. This is more than just a feeling but rather a consistent felt-experience of confidence that your partner will there there if you’re in need and you know that he or she will respond to your specific needs. (more…)

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Identifying Negative Relationship Cycles

Identifying Negative Relationship Cycles

Negative Relationship Cycles

When I work with couples in counseling, I start off by helping both partners understand the damaging dance that they get into, what moves each into their part of the negative dance, and how each partner’s moves trigger to escalate the cycle further. When each partner can be more conscious of their negative steps, we focus underneath the destructive content to learn more about what each are really trying to communicate. (more…)
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Talking About The Cycle

Couples Counseling Round RockThe Negative Cycle is the Enemy

Couples often enter into relationship counseling to find solutions to their “communication problems” or to learn new ways to resolve conflict. In my first session with couples, I begin to hear from each partner what frustrates him/her the most and where they get stuck in their interactions. (more…)

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Listening To Body Signals

marriage cycles of conflict

How To Stay Connected

When couples get into conflicts, both partners play a part in the dance of disagreement and how they disconnect from each other emotionally.

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Roles In Negative Relationship Conflicts

round rock couples counselingNegative Cycle Roles

When partners are able to own their positions and steps each take in a fight, they can then find new ways for facing their distress. The goal of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is to help the couple slow down the patterns to see more clearly the role each plays in the negative dance. Understanding helps the couple to stand together against the isolating power of these negative patterns and find positive ways to work through their differences. (more…)

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Relationship Histories Provide Insight

marriage cycles of conflictPast Relationships Affect Current

Our family histories, friendships, and past romantic relationships all play important roles in how we interact and connect with our partner in the present. Those histories shape our actions and expectations for our current marriage. How our parents or other caregivers modeled their relationship often can explain why each partner thinks or does what they do. (more…)

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