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marriage cycles of conflict

How To Stay Connected

When couples get into conflicts, both partners play a part in the dance of disagreement and how they disconnect from each other emotionally.

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How To Exit Conflict Cycles

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Conflict in relationships can often take on a life of its own. These conflicts can become perpetual negative patterns that reinforce the next conflict and the next.

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Roles In Negative Relationship Conflicts

round rock couples counselingNegative Cycle Roles

When partners are able to own their positions and steps each take in a fight, they can then find new ways for facing their distress. The goal of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is to help the couple slow down the patterns to see more clearly the role each plays in the negative dance. Understanding helps the couple to stand together against the isolating power of these negative patterns and find positive ways to work through their differences. (more…)

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Relationship Histories Provide Insight

marriage cycles of conflictPast Relationships Affect Current

Our family histories, friendships, and past romantic relationships all play important roles in how we interact and connect with our partner in the present. Those histories shape our actions and expectations for our current marriage. How our parents or other caregivers modeled their relationship often can explain why each partner thinks or does what they do. (more…)

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Enemy Of Couples = Cycle

round rock couples counselingReal Enemy Is The Cycle

Couples often come into therapy seeking ways to improve their communication or learn better conflict resolution solutions. Yet the real enemy for couples is the negative patterns of interaction that they get sucked into when their is conflict. (more…)

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The Negative Cycle = Enemy

Harsh Start-ups Marriage Counseling Austin Texas

Protesting For Good Reason

In Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, we believe that the partner that often find themselves in the position of attacking (or a better term is “protesting”) has very good and legitimate reasons for it.(more…)
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