Starting Sexual Addiction Recovery Round Rock TexasHow to Begin Sexual Addiction Recovery

If you are struggling with sexual addiction or porn addiction and you desire to change, you are probably contemplating ways of starting sexual addiction recovery. The first step to take is to tell another person of your struggle. This can be a frightening direction because of your many years of shame and hiding. You may believe that others will reject you and abandon you if they knew about your struggles with porn or other sexual behaviors.

Individual Counseling

If you identify with this fear, I recommend that you schedule an individual session with a sexual addiction therapist who fully understands the difficulty of exposing your past and you fear being judged. In my first counseling session with a new client, I listen without judging, reassure that there is hope for healing, and that the behaviors do not define him. My goal is to destroy the belief that “If you knew me, I mean, really knew me, you would reject me.”

Sexual Addiction Group

I also believe that participating in a recovery group is essential to recovering from sexual addiction. No one seems able to stay sober and progress in recovery without being involved in some way with other recovering individuals. I facilitate four men’s sexual addiction counseling groups in Round Rock Texas. There are also many 12-step sex addiction recovery groups throughout the Austin Texas metropolitan area that models its program¬†from Alcoholics Anonymous but with a focus upon sexual sobriety. Fellowship is crucial to recovery¬†and the anonymity provides safety.

No One Recovers From Sex Addiction Alone

I cannot communicate this enough: you cannot recover from sexual addiction on your own. Experience has show that men struggling with sexual addiction must be part of others or he will will fall back into distorted beliefs and behaviors. Without bringing the truth to the open, exposing it to the light of day, and experiencing acceptance, there seems to be no recovery.

Begin Sexual Addiction Therapy

If you are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ll do whatever it takes to recover. I recognize that telling another man your secret life is extremely frightening. If you are located in the Round Rock Texas area, please call our counseling center today to setup an individual counseling session with myself or another sexual addiction therapist.

I will never shame you. I will never reject you. I give my word that you will leave the counseling session with a plan of recovery that works and a new hope that stopping the madness is possible. Recovery from sexual addiction takes work but the reward is worth it!