Adult ADHD Counseling Round Rock Austin

Adult ADHD Counseling

Do you find it difficult to stay focused?  Do you often feel overwhelmed?  Do you procrastinate, and later beat yourself up over it, again and again?  Does ‘slowing down’ cause you distress?  Do you get bored easily and often?  Do you find yourself constantly reaching for the next cup of coffee, or the TV remote, or your phone, or skip from one website to the next, needing to stay in motion by constantly “doing something?”

What is Adult ADHD?

ADHD is not relegated to teens and children.  ADHD is neurological; it is not a mental illness, and it does not require you to be hyperactive (relatively few adults with ADHD suffer hyperactivity).  Most importantly: If you struggle with ADHD, it is not your fault!  As one prominent ADHD authority suggested: ADHD is no more your fault than nearsightedness is the fault of those who wear glasses.  And yet, sadly, many undiagnosed ADHD adults never come to realize and accept their own “neuro-diverse” reality.  Too often, when such adults view their difficulties as character deficits, or unexplainable flaws, they become susceptible to self-shaming, and a negatively distorted self-image that stands to worsen throughout adulthood.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms

Common symptoms of adult ADHD vary from person to person, and may include:

  • Symptoms of inattention
  • Symptoms of impulsive hyperactivity
  • Symptoms of inattention and impulsive hyperactivity

Is There Help?

Seeking counseling for ADHD will benefit you or your child in a number of ways. Counseling can help one process the effects that ADHD has on their emotions and relationships. It can also provide a safe space for accountability in goal completion and time management

Mario Uribe will assist you therapeutically, as well as guide you in seeking the help and resources, medically and otherwise, so that you can better understand and cope with your challenges.  Those with ADHD often struggle with feelings of failure, rejection and shame.  Treating adult ADHD is an individualized process, and working with a well-matched therapist can begin a process of self-acceptance, healing and effective life management.

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