“I started seeing Kevin and it was the first time in my life I began to see the hope of some freedom from sex addiction. Shortly after beginning my individual counseling I started in a weekly group also which as been a great anchor for my continuing recovery.”  Jeff C.


“Eleven years ago, I came to see Kevin Leapley for the first time for sexual addiction issues. I am now eleven years sexually sober. Thank you, Kevin, for the hard work, patience and helping me to build a foundation to approach my life in a more healthy way. I cannot turn back. I celebrate this anniversary marking some of the happiest, most prosperous and productive time in my life. Keep up your good work.” B.R.


Angela is an incredibly talented therapist! She is warm hearted, kind, compassionate, and don’t be fooled though, she’ll also give it to you straight. I adore her and I highly recommend and trust her! I’ve even sent people her way because she really is great.” Rani P.


“My husband and I found our visit with Kevin Leapley tremendously helpful. When we left his office, I felt like the two of us were on different pages but by the time we were able to talk I was amazed at the difference this one visit had made in our lives and how hungry my husband was to devour the information recommended. It was an eye opener for both of us. We have each used what we learned to discover more. I am thankful for the time with Kevin. It has made a huge difference.” T.C.


“Kevin Leapley has been central to my recovery from sex addiction and the underlying causes – depression and anxiety. We have gone deep in my therapy, weeding out the root causes, and in the process, my sobriety has gotten stronger. Working with Kevin and other addicts in group therapy has given me great insights into myself and my recovery. My sobriety, which once seemed impossible to attain, now feels like second nature. I’m truly blessed to have worked with him and to have discovered a new and better path than the one I was originally on.” Tom R.


“After many years of struggle, trapped by habits and addiction, I reluctantly made an appointment with Kevin Leapley. I was completely surprised from the beginning by the fresh, creative and encouraging approach offered. As I began to apply the things I learned and to allow God to enter my life in new ways, I discovered a freedom from bondage that I thought was impossible. Kevin does not offer temporary quick-fix shortcuts, but support and guidance to a whole new way of living. Taking that first step to be honest about my life was a pivotal decision that has changed my life.” Gary G.


“Today marks ten years of sobriety, ten years of recovery and ten years since I first met you. I cannot stress enough how pivotal you have been to help me to find the healthy path. I realize that I have not ‘graduated’ and never will. I also appreciate the dramatic change in my life as I push forward each day.” B.