About Hope Counseling Center

Round Rock Austin Counseling

Hope Counseling Center provides counseling services for couples, those struggling with anxiety and depression, sexual addiction/sexual behaviors, partners who have experienced betrayal, couples struggling with sexual intimacy, ADHD, postpartum and pregnancy, anger management, and other mental health issues.

Together, our therapists who share a common goal – to provide respectful, ethical and effective care to every client.

We started Hope Counseling Center with the focus on helping relationships, men, women, and families find caring therapists who can help guide, walk alongside, and truly empathize with their client’s struggles and pain.

As a client of Hope Counseling Center, you will experience that your therapist is 100% in your corner, always believing in the best of you and helping you when it gets painful and hard. We fully understand that life is hard! Most everything worth achieving in life is difficult but your therapist will be there to cheer you on because you are worth it! Each of our therapist love being part of their client’s healing journey!

Life is truly difficult and hard at times, relationships are painful and frustrating, and depression is very real. We will do our best to guide and direct using our past training, our own past struggles and successes, and sometimes simply sit with you in silence because words won’t help what you are going through.

In conclusion, each of us feel so blessed to have partnered up with such an awesome partnership of therapists. We compliment one another in so many ways. All the therapists at Hope Counseling Center are committed to extensively studying about how to better help our clients in relationships, love, attachment and healing from past hurts and trauma. Each of us highly prioritize continuing our training and learning to ensure we are consistently giving our clients nothing but the best.

We would love to work with you (and your partner if needing relationship counseling but only if one of us would be a good fit for what you need. Either way, our desire is for you to find what will help you. Contact us with any questions or if you’d like to begin working with one of us.

Call us at 512-856-6360 or simply click here to fill out our contact form and we will match you with a therapist that best meets your needs.