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Round Rock Marriage CounselingWelcome to Hope Counseling!

Hope Counseling of Round Rock provides sex addiction counseling, support for partners experiencing betrayal and couples therapy for rebuilding trust and healing betrayal injuries. Our therapists believe that the whole person must be addressed rather than just trying to stop or control sexual behavior. We understand the decision to seek counseling is often difficult and confusing. Your bravery in taking the first step toward healing and recovery does not go unnoticed here at Hope Counseling Center.

Our goal is to help men and women overcome their struggles so they may experience emotional growth, relationship healing and a renewed sense of purpose in life. We do not believe that sex is “The problem”, instead we believe that sex is being used to numb, medicate, and escape underlying hurts, trauma, and relational wounds.

At Hope Counseling, our services include helping couples heal from betrayal injuries and restore trust that has been lost. All our therapists have received advanced training in  Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. The discovery of infidelity is like a bomb tearing through the fabric of the relationship, like shrapnel through unprotected flesh. Together, your therapist, your partner, and you will walk the journey of healing and rebuilding trust.

Sex Is Not The Problem

We believe that the real issue of sexual addiction or problematic sexual behavior is not the need for more sex, but rather porn and compulsive sexual behaviors are used to escape from the painful aspects of life similar to how someone may use food to escape pain. Stopping sex is not the goal, just like stopping eating is not the goal for those wanting to lose weight. We will work with you to determine your values around what healthy sexuality looks like for you and your partner.

Trauma Counseling

Those struggling with sexual addiction and their partners often have experienced physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse in their childhood or teen years. Kevin Leapley provides EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing) treatment for both the client struggling with the sexual behaviors and the partners traumatized by betrayal.

Spouses/Partners of Sex Addict Support

Partners of Sex Addicts CounselingWe also specialize in helping the partners of sex addicts heal from betrayal trauma first — by understanding and differentiating complex partner trauma — and helping the partner of an addict get the truth, set and maintain healthy boundaries, and stop the crazy-making.

Partners who have experienced betrayal have valid reasons to feel deeply wounded, shaken, mistrustful, angry, confused, scared, and lost. Partners who decide to stay in the relationship often go through PTSD symptoms and it takes time to reestablish real trust and safety with the betraying partner.

We understand that you are confused, scared, overwhelmed, sad, disgusted, ashamed, shocked, and unsure you want to stay in the relationship. We are here for you. You may feel all alone, but our counselors have experience helping partners heal from the betrayal trauma. Our center provides both individual counseling and group support for betrayed partners/spouses of sex addicts.

While the sex addict has known for many years about his or her problematic sexual behaviors, and being in sexual addiction counseling is often a relief, the betrayed partner is often blindsided by the discovery or disclosure. We recognize that the cheating itself, or a specific sexual behaviors, is not what causes the most pain, it is the secrets, lies, and loss of trust in the relationship caused by the constant deception of your partner. We are here to support you through this deeply traumatic experience.

Online Sex Addiction Counseling

As part of Kevin Leapley’s (CSAT) counseling services, he provide online video counseling for men struggling with sexual addiction (for those residing in Texas or Colorado). There will not be any need to drive to and from your appointment. Most importantly, no stress about traffic or trying to find parking. You don’t have to sit in a waiting room with other people. It is as confidential as seeing me in-person or in-office.  Please read more about this service by clicking on the button below:

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Counseling Round Rock TexasReady to get started? We offer everyone a free 15 minute phone consultation because we know how hard it is to find a good counselor.

You rightfully want to be able to learn about how your counselor’s approach will fit with your specific relationship and/or individual issues. We accept that you want to tell a counselor what you’re hoping to get out of counseling and ask how he or she can help you reach those goals. We want to be able to answer those questions and more as we begin to get to know your unique issue.

To get started, the first step is to either call 512-856-6360 or fill out the contact form. A counselor will contact you within 24-hours to setup an appointment to meet with you and/or your spouse/partner.

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